Ron Hamilton (born November 9, 1950), also known as "Patch the Pirate" is a Christian singer, songwriter, composer, preacher, voice actor, and personality.[1] He is the current president and owner of Majesty Music, a Christian music publisher, and the creator of the Patch the Pirate Adventure series.[2] Ron Hamilton became affectionately known as "Patch the Pirate" when he began wearing an eye patch after losing his left eye to cancer in 1978. He has published hundreds of songs and hymns and written numerous cantatas, plays, and children's stories.



Ron Hamilton was born in Indiana in 1950. His mother encouraged him to study music as a child, and he reluctantly learned to play the trombone, piano, and the guitar. As a small boy, his family would sing often together, and the children were encouraged to make up their own parts to harmonize.

He attended Bob Jones University where he received a BA in Church Music in 1973,[3] and a MA in Church Music Composition. Ron married Shelly Garlock in 1975, and the couple began working at Majesty Music with Ron's father-in-law, Dr. Frank Garlock, who was a well-known speaker in Independent Baptist circles.[4] Ron and Shelly have five children, Jonathan, Tara, Alyssa, Megan, and Jason, who all performed as voice actors on the Patch the Pirate Adventures.[5]

In 1978, a doctor discovered cancer in Hamilton's left eye requiring his eye to be removed.[6] As he travelled around speaking at evangelistic services in churches with Dr. Garlock, children began calling Hamilton "Patch the Pirate."[7] Around this time he began writing music for children to be sung in church, which Majesty Music later released as an album.[8] In 1982 "Patch" decided to add a comedic drama script along with his children's music and called the album Patch the Pirate Goes to Space.[9] The album was very successful and led to a new Patch the Pirate Adventure being release every year since 1982. The most recent release, Ocean Commotion (2015), is the 36th adventure.[10] Patch the Pirate Adventures are broadcast on a number of radio stations internationally and is recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters as the third largest religious children's programming outreach,[11] and over 2 million copies have been sold.

Ron Hamilton served as Music Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina for 21 years.[12] He continues to travel as an evangelistic speaker and also serves as the Director of Majesty MusiColleges, which are seminars held across the United States for Christian music directors and musicians. Approximately one thousand musicians receive training at these MusiColleges each year.[13] He currently lives in Greenville, SC with his wife.[14]


Popular songs written by Ron Hamilton include Rejoice in the Lord, Bow the Knee, Wings as Eagles, It Is Finished, My Hope Is Jesus, Wiggle Worm, Beautiful Hands, Always the Same, Here Am I, Lord, Born to Die, Little by Little, The Poochie Lip Disease, How Can I Fear, Lord, I Need You, Servant's Heart, Clean It Up, I Am Weak, but You Are Strong, Christ Is Coming, Jonah, Call the Wambulance, That's Where Wisdom Begins, I Saw Jesus in You, A Secret Place, Cherish the Moments, and many more. Ron Hamilton has also authored a number of popular Christmas and Easter cantatas including Born to Die, Klinkenschnell the Christmas Bell, Peanut Butter Christmas, The Hope of Christmas, and many more.

Awards and Honors

Ron Hamilton holds honorary doctorates from Bob Jones University and Pensacola Christian College.